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My favourite

Love, Love, Love this App. So many ways to use my creative side! Am totally keeping this one!


Honestly, I never pay for apps. I was hesitant in buying an app, but it was so worth it. This app is great. I can do everything. There are a few bugs though (under splash, the first time using erase or draw makes a streak on the picture)(using magic eraser sometimes takes the brush off of sharp points in pictures). Other than that, it’s amazing. I just wish under splash there was a “pick color from picture” option, like for “doodle” in another app “Pixlr” (the button looks like a dropper). Also, I’d like to be able to color over black. I usually make black items lighter and then color them in, but I’d love to just color over it and skip a step. Keep up the good work!


Easily remove the background from a Photo with precision! My new’s an amazing toolset. Hard to believe all this can be done on a phone. This one will see heavy use for sure.

Unbelievable!!! 50 stars!

It had been so long since I bought an image editor app, and as I’m using this LightX, I cannot believe how far we’ve come with technology. I’m in love with LightX and my new iPhone’s large screen. I’ve been able to salvage a lot of great pictures that had an imperfection or two with LightX. Thank you for the amazing work on this wonderful app!

البرنامج جدا رائع ارجو الجميع تجربته


Not as advertised

Magic eraser do not work right, blending do not work right, not even close to the advertising demo video.

I love wasting my time

Wow. $2.99 for nothing. Worst app ever. So you get me to blow my money in this worthless app and I get nothing. Thanks a lot. I have now wasted 3 $@#% hours making custom designs for my business only for the stupid app to freeze every single time. It just has a circle and says processing. I hate this app and it was nothing but a waste of money. I wish I could get my $2.99 back. Worthless!


Love this app. Will you be adding more picture backgrounds? I really like practicing with those.


Since today’s update it has been stuck in processing with no end. Other than this it’s a 5 Star app if fixed .

Absolutely Excellent!

If I could give this app a rating of Ii

Text not iPhone X compatible

Great app but I was really expecting an upgrade to fix the text issue by now. Once you type, there’s no way to “go back” and place the text.

Great app

I would recommend it to anyone but I want a refund not because I don’t like the app because I just don’t want it so if I could get a refund that would be great thanks.


I love what the developers have done with this app! It literally feels like 10 apps in 1. I love the magic cut-out tools! Every tool is intuitive and easy to use. I wish there was a way to edit the text after it was added. I would go bonkers if this app was designed for the iPad.

Blend is Fixed!

Wow! Thank you so much! Thank you for fixing! Y'all doing great in this app by the way! Love it a lot!!!!

Too buggy.

Light X is pretty sweet. . . If it doesn’t mess up. For example, I wanted to add text to a picture, and the on screen keyboard covered the “X” to close the keyboard so I could not finish editing my picture. I’ve run into this issue with some of the other features of the app as well. I hate Light X.

New update is terrible

Can’t blend photos like you’ve always been able to. Update made more bugs. No good.

Hello developers

I use to love this application but not so sure anymore. This new update is not user friendly like the one before this. I loved them old virgin and i wold bye it again if its available. Otherwise i use this app for all my Photo shops is just a little bit difficult to do what I used to do at ease before this update. It takes a little bit of work and to know what to do to mix the pictures and Photoshop them bottom line Developers please please make it user friendly like it used to.

Suggestion: adding your own photos for backdrops

I would like to see the option to add your own photos to use for backdrops.

Update changes stuff

I used to be able to use the Mix tool to to cut out any picture I had into what I was already working but now it’s the exact opposite. You have to cut out something from the picture you already have on the screen

I would give 5 stars before update

Let me star off by saying this great. Unfortunately they made an update to it. That took some of the tools from Blind. It 3 options before to cut out and blind now I can only add an image. Please fix ASAP.

Awesome photo editing app!

This is an awesome photo editing app for amateurs like me. I love the quick instructional video before you go to use a feature for the first time. I use this app to edit clothing photo shoots for our online retail business and it works great! One suggestion for improvement would be to allow multiple undos instead of undoing all the edits with one click. Sometimes I'll make a small mistake, but when I press undo it takes away all the edits I just did and I have to start over again.

Enjoyed the app but no iPhone X support

It’s great app with nice features however no support for iPhone X screen. I will use other apps until it’s converted .

Awesome app

Takes a little getting used to watch the tutorial. You will have it down in no time. everybody asked me what app I use I tell them lightX


No Long Drawn Out , Blah , blah ! blah It's Just A Great App! THE Best So Far PERIOD!

Love the app!

I love this app! It is fantastic and I even got some friends to get it as well. I only have one WISH! PLEASE make an iPad version as well. I’d love to use my Apple Pencil and make precision adjustments with it! Keep up the good work!

This app is worth it!

I love this app and prefer it over a lot of the other photo apps. The tools are easy to use for amazing effects. Change your hair color, blends photos, and etc. Also, they offer tutorial videos.

Crush on lightx

this app got me off guard its super handy and there is most of all features i need to edit a pic only missing layers like in PS so i can edit several pics and manage it in same image

Can not download

Bought the app but i can not download it


I love every facet of this app!

Love the app

I have used this app quite a bit. I like to use it to tweak some of the colors autostyles in other programs use so the are more to my liking. I also love the blend function and many of the effects that have been released thus far. I agree that a little more precision would be nice. Also a redo button would be helpful, especially when I undo something I didn’t mean to. A way to zoom both layers in the blend function would help with editing. That said, I am sill using the app all the time.

Force closes

Just paid for your app and I can’t do a cutout without it force closing. Fix this!


I RARLEY right on app supports but I love this! It’s great I even used it for my YouTube video cover

Not worth it

I bought and downloaded the app 10/4/2017, and every time I open and launch it, it freezes or it closes. I have yet to try the app. Haven’t gotten that far. I think I want a refund.

Easy Peasy

Great app! Photoshop on the go!

Waste of money

They make this app look so easy. It may be with a pen and tablet but just your finger and a phone, forget it! Don't bother buying it.


I have been liking for an app or software that can do what this app can do for 6 months. I use the cutout feature on this everyday. Great app.

Good but needs improvements

When I am cutting out an image I want to get it exact but it corrects to what it thinks I should select and not what I selected if I want something that's not part of a big object it will come out very ruff. I do also wish I could skip cut out when I have a picture I just want to overlay I wish I could just click next or at least have a select all button

Love it

It works


There is a wide variety of tools available to enhance and edit photos to their maximum potential. I use this to get the perfect effects and personalize every photo to the exact detail I want.

Best app ever

I love editing photos on the go, and this app makes it perfect! Love it!

Great product for secondary picture editing

A very useful app that has many features from creatively adding effects or editing colors in a picture. This app can also blend pictures together and add text. I would even add a couple extra arrow heads to the "color mix" to blend better, more presets in the "blend" and a color wheel to the "filters, retro" tab. (Modifying the filters further will be the next step) Overall, the selfie feature proves to be highly overrated!

Looks better than actually is

Waste of money and editing is inaccurate... biggest waste of $2 I've made so far. I rate it as a 5 star waste of money.

Decent app with a small learning curve

I like how the app saves your drafts so you don't have to start all over. As you learn how to use the different features it allows you to create some great work.

So far I don't know what to think

I can't see the tutorial videos for some reason says that is a problem I don't know what it could be

Works sometimes

After reading many positive reviews I bought the app. I found the cutout tool to be very hit and miss. Mostly miss unfortunately. For some reason I can't zoom when doing the cutout which makes it practically impossible on a phone sized device with anything not large in the frame. Maybe it's better on an iPad. "Retouch" does better at the cutout and healing brush type of tools I've found. In summary, it works sometimes, then it's great, other times it's just easier to use photoshop. Lastly the tutorials get really annoying. It's pretty straightforward to use the app because it's like many others. The tutorials should be opt-in not mandatory.



Heads and shoulders above the rest!

Overall, my experience with this app is extremely positive! If you're considering installing it, you won't be disappointed! I find it very user friendly and easy to use. Literally, I was up and creating within minutes of installing it. The tutorials available within the app are helpful in answering general questions and very detailed in providing instruction. Plus, there is a contact option where you can write with any additional questions or concerns not addressed in the tutorial videos. This app is all about variety! I really love the numerous features, especially the color blend and splash features. I love having the flexibility to not only change the color of an object in a photo but also change the texture too. I haven't seen this specific option in other apps of a similar nature that I've tried and it's a huge plus. For example, today I was able to change the texture of clothing I was wearing in the photo by using the emboss feature. I changed a cotton shirt into material that looked exactly like denim. That was really awesome, and the more I use the app, the more cool features I discover! This app gives you the tools to be a creative genius. The only one, very small, downside I've encountered is the ability to maneuver small corners with very specific detail due to the current brush size restrictions. It would be extremely helpful if much smaller, tiny brush size options were made available, or perhaps an option to zoom closer than what the current zoom option allows. But that's my only issue. I'm so happy to have found your terrific app and I use it on a regular basis. Thank you for providing an affordable app packed with exciting and innovative features. Your app is truly head and shoulders above the rest, and I highly recommend it to others! I use this app on s regular basis and it's consistently proven of great value to me. I'm one very happy camper!


This app is better than the one I've used in the past but the controls lag. Whenever I slide to the left or right on brightness, saturation, etc, theres a delay. There is also a delay when choosing the options like I just mentioned. Fix that and I'll rate 5 stars.

Easy and fun to use

Super easy to use

Needs Work

The app is good and offers a lot of features that are desirable for a mobile editing app. An issue I have with the app is its problem with precision. I found myself getting very annoyed using the select and erase options when editing hoar color in selfie. it would randomly make the whole background a certain color or ye "brush" or lines you drew with fingers were too big which resulted in me erasing a lot of what I made. It would be great in a future update if they made an option to thin or thicken the lines in selfie editing or any other editing.

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