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Deceptive ads.

The ads show a virtually flawless cut out just by using your finger to draw around the subject, but in reality, there is a lot of cleanup to do. Not any easier than other products. What do I expect for $2.99? To get what is advertised.

Excellent multi-purpose photo-editing app!

So many features are available, such as cut-out, blending, filters, overlays, draw on photo, and many more. Only request would be landscape mode for iPad use.


Not always prescient


I’ve definitely deleted the app weeks ago and I’m still being billed. “UNCOOL”

Not bad

So yeah the cut out feature of this app is awesome. A ton of other features that make editing on the fly super easy. A couple things I’d like so suggest to the developer: - the ability to easily choose black for text outline. I can’t figure it out. - I wish the app didn’t open to your Last edited file. I’d prefer a blank slate. Other than that, it’s a super nice app.

Horrible instructions.

The instructions are the worst.


Does not work at all, much less how their “fabricated” demo videos show! Can’t do crap, then locks up when you try to get out of anything (“DONE”). It’s a rip-off, they just STOLE MY $2.99!


Moves to fast and not good directions


Honestly watched the instruction video but still can’t figure out how to use it. It seems really confusing. Daughter looked at it for me and she works with computers. Said I should not have fell for it. Think she’s right but reviews were so good.

Don't hesitate to get

So easy to use and works great...

Terrible - not accurate - stick with photoshop

Maybe some of the features are better than the cut out - but if you can’t isolate an image easily - then what’s the point?

Love this app

Very easy to use!

Please add content aware scaling

I already love this app because of the tons of things you can do for only 3$ like the splashing and adding backgrounds with amazing accuracy and i would love this app soooooo much more if you added content aware scaling to make my pictures look really funny for my friends.

Great App


It’s great

This is so much fun! I do wish they had more backgrounds.

Top shelf

Excellent tool for crop, create and play with. Top of my picture apps

App freezes

Finding this app has a tendency to freeze. Then have to close it and start over. Not good, not happy. Using it on a new iPad Pro.

Blurs the cutout

I followed the tutorial and it did the same thing each time. Looks amazing until you try to complete or save it and then it makes the cutout extremely blurry. No thanks.

Buyer beware

The tutorials are more like quick frames to sell not to teach. This is not like an Apple product, it is not intuitive & requires a SLOWER teaching tool. You should NOT need to watch a video 10x’s & still question the process. I’m think I’ve given up, too frustrating.

First time user


Nice App..

Very easy to use

Fun App

Have a lot of fun creating with this app.

This is garbage, don’t buy it



Es la mejor aplicación para editar que e conocido, para lo que yo hago es perfecta si pudiera dar mas estrellas las pusiera, gracias 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼


Difficult to use without instructions!

Awesome App!

So glad I found this little treasure! Now I’ll be able to free up some space on my iPhone and iPad when I delete those editing apps that don’t do their jobs. This one does it all - one stop editing!! This is one awesome app!! ☝️👍🤩

App review

Awesome app!

Awesome app for all photographic needs

This new version of LightX is just awesome and full fills all my photographic needs.


Please refund my money. Was trying to do a simple erase. Even though I decreased strength, it erased too much. Tried to add info back in. It would only add a portion. Disappointed

Failure to Rotate on IPad Pro

Hi, Your app looks good but how do you make it rotate to landscape on an iPad. All other apps rotate but not yours. If it doesn’t rotate on iPad it is useless to me and I would like a refund



Very hard

Very hard to use and cut things properly. Then when background is picked you have to outline again. Final product never looks that great. Fake

Great app

Admittedly difficult to use/get used to but incredibly powerful for an on your phone photoshop application. Have tons of fun with it and highly recommend it. Most negative perspectives will come from user error or unwillingness to tinker and learn


This is such a easy app


It was an awesome app until it won’t even load and now crashes my phone any time I try to open it. I can’t even get the app to load. Not happy.


I really love this app

Download Superimpose instead!!

I can’t believe I paid money for this. Superimpose is a far better app. Easier to use and waaaaay more options for ensuring your photo is precisely “cut out.” You can continue to perfect the image even after superimposing into onto the background photo. If you want an app for superimposing images, download Superimpose.

Maybe it’s me!

I can’t get this app to do anything. The tutorial makes it look so easy, but it’s not. At least I only paid $2.99 for it.

Amazing photo editor!!!

I love this app! It has so many features, and new ones are added throughout the year. Once you learn what each feature does, you can create some really cool images. I love the background feature because it doesn’t look overly fake. Each feature is easy to use and they give you very clear instructions to help guide you. For $3 it’s totally worth it. I’ve never had any of the issues others mention with the app crashing, it always works well for me. I would highly recommend this app

Good app but crashes my phone every single time

Time consuming due to crashing problem


I’m shocked that this app has so many positive reviews. I want a refund.


Easy to use and crop funny pics of your friends


Loveeee itttt

Cool app

Very easy to use!!! Fun

Worth the money!

There are so many features to use, this app is far better than expected.

Not Impressed!!!

Portrait only mode? Give me a break! Stupid app asks for a review 3 seconds after you start using it?! Well… Here’s your review. Don’t buy!

Clint Hardwick

This app is absolutely the most versatile app. It helps me create fun adds for my church, blog, business. And it’s fun for family and friends. Thanks it’s great


Awesome! Great App!

Five stars

To be honest This app is amazing

Amazing app for pictures editing

I am not regretting for having this app It is more than I am expected and easy to do!

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